"Enelacas is world leader in paints, machines and rubber´s sheets printing technology"

Technology : Integral Solutions


Print NEOLITES sheets is easy and cheap with ENELACAS´s systems. We provide to our customers everything they need , since rubber formulations, to ideal conditions to print a sheet, offering to them integral solutions for Neolite printed  sheets manufacturing, used in footwear.

We design Neolite manufacturing process for every situation, ensuring profitabily and quality. Our products and methods provide a final product with top quality and high competitive , always with features.

Our machinery, used in finishing processes, are hard,reliable,enduring , and thet have quality/prize relatioship  very good, that makes  them , ost used in the world. At the momento , 9 of 10 neolites manufactured sheets in the world are finished with machineries and installations from Enelacas.

With our prints ,you get a unbeatable finished, with unsurpassable propeties:

Low INK- consumption by square meter, thanks to the high covering power.

Absolute adhesion of the painting to the surface of rubber without need of pumice the plate.

Total flexibility of the paiting film.

Solvents Resistance, even to those of high power of assault as the MEK.

Stability of the color during the day of production.

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