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New - January 2015: New ELIPTYICAL REFLECTOR FOR MOE that double the power.

Our R & D departament has recently developed a new type of elliptical reflector for MOE machine that increase the radiation emitted by the moe 400% times mora than using a conventional parabolic reflector.

This development, can oxidize 4 times more the surface of a neolite sheet than the conventional parabolic reflector and therefore allows either speed up the work or at same speed gets water base paint adhesion to the most resistant or contaminated rubber sheets.

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New - December 2014: New Resins AMONPLASTENE P15

Our R & D department has recently develop a new solvent base resin , which improve the properties of the last P12 solvent brone resin, in addition, it allows to readjust the price of the same one to costs lower than the older P12 version.

ENELAC and PUMICEN products ,derivatives of this resin ,can be used as base paints with great adhesion , flexibility and quality in a very cheap price.

Do not doubt of requesting us a sample and further information.

New - September 2014: New combined REVESE and DIRECT printing machine

Our R & D has recently developed a new coating machine that functions as reverse and also as a direct printing.

The machine has 2 ink stands that permits to reverse the rotation of the roller applicator to operate in direct or reverse.

Also As a quick change system roll to quickly change the applicator roller.

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