"Enelacas is world leader in paints, machines and rubber´s sheets printing technology"

Machinery and Instalations


ENELACAS S.L. has commercialized machinery for varnishing lines and calibrated sanded and honed for a very long time, since his foundation, in order to give to his customers the best possible service and give them good solutions to resolve their problems in Neolite sheets .

In 1997, ENELACAS started to commercialize his own machinery dessigns , and in 2006 founded the company C.M ENEMAQ S.L. where they start to develop his own Machinery Workshop to build our own machinery range.

Since then, Enelacas has not stopped to investigate, develop and innóvate his machinery and manufacture of Neolite´s sheets processes for shoewear. Actually , we are very proud to present  our best solutions and moderns machinery range , to every Neolite´s manufacturer in the world.

Our principal manufacture lines are:

Machinery for Varnishing lines of rubber sheets.

Calibrating-sanding and honed machines for Rubber sheets.

Engineering service and tailor-made machinery.

Dont doubt to ask us if you need something and we will propose you the best solution for you.



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