"Enelacas is world leader in paints, machines and rubber´s sheets printing technology"

Our Company

Navarro´s family has been linked with rubber and inks world since  1946 when Noberto Navarro Davó started the production of adhesive and inks for the shoewear.

In 1952, his children begin the manufacturing of soles, heels and small rubber sheets. In 1965, they developed a new System for printing the sheets, which was applied in their own factory, Norberto Navarro S.A. . This System included not only resins for produce inks ,the own inks and the machines used for implement them, but included also formulation and process rubber in order to get a high quality, uniform and economic results.

In 1979, Navarro´s decided to drop out rubber´s direct business , and found Enelecas S.A. with the aim of commercialize their own manufacturing and paiting system along the world.  Thereafter, Enelacas started to offer their paints and application machines as well as consultancy service and global support for rubber sheets manufacturing.

Dr. Ramón Navarro, inside his extensive experience in chemical´s manufacturing, gives technical assistance to Caster S.A company until he retired. His children, Norberto and Joaquin, give the same technical assistance to factories on the five continents, consolidating Enelacas´ coating systems fastly along the world. Safety in the manufacturing process, and finally prize of one rubber printed sheet , less than the half of other factories prices,  are the most important reasons of this expansion.

In 2007, Enelacas found “ Construcciones Mecánicas Enemaq”, machine shop where they build their own production machines and systems.

In 2010, Enelacas´ company opens  his new paints´manufacture plant with 2500 square meters(0.6178 ac) located in “Polígono Industrial de la Finca Lacy”,an industrial zone in Elda,a town close to Alicante, Spain. This new plant allows to adapt his production with environmental care and work security.

His manager describes the actual company situation here:

“Actually, 25 years after its development , the most important plants have changed to our improved system, which its used to paint more than 75.000 square meters of rubber sheets in 40 diferents factories from the 5 continents .  This fact, joined with constant development of diferents products every year, make us the unquestionable Market´s Leaders.  “

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